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About Data Dimensions Ltd

"A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination.
He must see things as in a vision, a dream of the whole thing."...Charles M. Schwab

Data Dimensions Ltd realizes solutions for its clients through time tested practices and a network of resources including Project Managers, DBA's, Business Analysts, and Developers. This combination of "Just in Time" delivery with "Just When Required" resources allows cost effective and enhanced value solutions to be implemented for any size firm.

D. Shawn Smith, president and founder of Data Dimensions Ltd, thrives on the challenges associated with constant and dramatic change in the endeavors he tackles; he is always focused on the big picture.

"Joining the wireless industry in the 1980's was a life altering experience. From day one, I knew the potential to change our way of life, both in business productivity and personal lifestyle, was going to become a reality in a very short period of time. Sure enough, the industry just exploded with growth at an unprecedented pace..." he reflects.

Over the last 18 years, Shawn's journey through the wireless industry included roles in front line sales, customer service, and finally an integral role as Senior Business Analyst within Channel Management at TELUS Mobility. Of primary focus during that journey was the importance of Total Quality.

"Everyone was on board with the concept. The difference it made was phenomenal, both in customer satisfaction as well as employee morale. When the handset cost became an insignificant factor in the acquisition cycle, the sales volumes increased significantly and overwhelmingly. Had it not been for the Total Quality focus we had, and in turn, our ability to adapt quickly to changing business needs, the processes would have collapsed under the strain; TELUS Mobility would not have acquired the market share they attained" Shawn states.

Automation is a fundamental and key aspect to the learnings Shawn attained and is a prime candidate for any company looking to lower operational costs while improving efficiencies.

"Continuous Improvement is the hallmark of Total Quality; relentless pursuit of new and higher corporate standards provides the mechanism for every employee to learn, grow, and feel valued, while at the same time supercharging the workplace. Each time a manual process is automated, or time reductions can be realized, the incremental time savings can be utilized to address other areas of concern within the functional unit. Automation involves three key aspects; Standardization, Simplification, and Streamlining." he notes.

Improvements in efficiencies are but one aspect of process improvement; gains in effectiveness and flexibility are the two other elements that should always be addressed in order to improve overall quality.

"Is it really a surprise that the Dot.com bubble burst? In order for a project or process to be effective, one needs to listen to the Voice of the Customer. The lure of large IPO's or a 'me too' mentality may have been factors overshadowing any actual customer requirements or lack thereof" Shawn ponders.

The aspects discussed here with Shawn are the key business drivers for our clients satisfaction and success, but are far from the complete scope of combined experience available through Data Dimensions Ltd. Look to us for your next solution.

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