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Services Available

"If it keeps up, men will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger."...Frank Lloyd Wright

We can provide timely solutions to our clients in the following areas:

Harnessing the power of the Microsoft Office Suite can provide a quantum leap in office productivity. With each new release of the Suite, Microsoft is providing better cross application support through the Visual Basic for Applications programming language (VBA). Need to send bulk e-mail notices to a select portion of your client base? Or perhaps automatically download your latest sales information from a database into a previously formulated Excel spreadsheet? Any manually intensive data related process can benefit from automation.
Business Analysis
Need processes mapped, re-engineered, or flowcharted? Perhaps requirements gathered or a gap analysis performed? Undergoing a merger and require a neutral facilitator to assist choosing best practices? These and other functions can be performed by experienced Business Analysts on your behalf.
Business Intelligence
"Facts and data"; two critical components to assist making valid business decisions, but are often based on inappropriate sources or taken out of context. Do you have Key Operating Indicators in your business? What about Control Charts? There are various ways to ensure the data you are utilizing to make sound business decisions is consistant, reliable, and best of all, timely.
Data Mining
A significant component of attaining sound Business Intelligence is the ability to "mine" your data effectively. The concept is similar to creating a gold necklace; extract the raw material, process it into usable pieces, format it to the users requirements, then display it where appropriate. Data mining can be performed on an adhoc basis, or designed for long term re-use.
Database Design
The ultimate strength of Data Dimensions Ltd is the experience in customizing databases for our clients. From small to large Microsoft Access applications right up to very large Oracle structures, we have the know how and determination to build what you need. Databases are the pinnacle of power for today's informtion age.
Group Concensus Building
Our experience has clearly shown that group decisions can be easily reached, although concensus is rarely attained. Using the systems designed by Charles H. Kepner and Benjamin B. Tregoe, it is much more likely to to perform valid situation appraisals, to find the root cause of problems, and to make proper decisions, with complete "buy-in" from all stakeholders.
Project Management
The ultimate organizer, motivator, and team player, good project managers should facilitate and guide the team through any and all obstacles on the way to successful completion of the task at hand. Not only a timekeeper and budget cruncher, the project manager should have a keen eye for the landscape at all times, and be able to act swiftly to both positive and negative changes. That is our goal for our team of project managers.
Spreadsheet Applications
The spreadsheet has come a long way in its short lifetime. No longer just a one page grid performing simple calculations, Excel is now an excellent choice for creating complete applications by itself, or in conjuction with other data sources such as Oracle or Microsoft Access. Another great tool at the disposal of the experienced programmers at Data Dimensions Ltd.

If you do not see the service that you require, just call us. If we do not already do it, perhaps we know someone we can recommend for you.

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